Direct Access Endoscopy Service


Why ?

To prevent unnecessary consultations and delays and expense for fit patients who have clear cut indications for endoscopy or colonoscopy.

Who is appropriate for direct access endoscopy/colonoscopy ?

Fit patients with clear cut indications can be referred for direct access endoscopy/colonoscopy.

Examples of clear cut indications for colonoscopy include

  • Positive faecal immunological test
  • Significant family history of colorectal cancer
  • Surveillance in patients with past history of polyps or cancer
  • Rectal bleeding in patient >40 years of age

Fill in referral form attached and fax to (08)72007780 or email to

  • Dr Wigg will review all referrals. Following this patients will be contacted by Dr Wigg’s staff and given an appointment time. Relevant information sheets will also be forwarded to the patient prior to the procedure to
  • Patients will be consented by Dr Wigg prior to the procedure.
  • All patients will be reviewed by Dr Wigg following the procedure and prior to discharge.
  • Dr Wigg’s rooms can organise postage of a Moviprep Kit or collection from Level3, Ashford Specialist Centre, Level1, East Adelaide Medial Centre or Glenelg Community Hospital.
  • Patients who require further information or help can contact Dr Wigg’s staff during office hours on 73250068, 0488991778 or email any time to

Direct Access Referral